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We provide processes and services for your company's successful entry into the world of Kubernetes and support your employees on their way to the cloud. 

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We build your individual Kubernetes platform according to your ideas and professional requirements. We develop complete software solutions for teams, running containerized workloads in hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and edge environments. We pay attention to efficiency and added value for our customers. We offer solutions beyond Kubernetes!  



Consulting of decision makers concerning technical questions in these areas:

  • Software architecture
  • System architecture
  • Solution design

Consulting on setting up:

  • DevOps processes
  • Deployment strategies


  • Implementation of Kubernetes architectures
  • Realization of applications with a Kubernetes system as deployment result

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Kubernetes stands for cloud migration without problems. All leading cloud providers meanwhile offer their own Kubernetes infrastructure. 

Scalability / effiency

Kubernetes automatizes a horizontal scaling (scaleout) based on current utilization indicators. Automatic vertical scaling (scaleup) ensures efficient allocation of hardware resources available in the cluster.   


Kubernetes includes some mechanisms to ensure high availability for both the infrastructure itself and the applications runningwithin it.   

Declarative configuration  

A declarative description or configuration of the infrastructure also contributes to the stability of the Kubernetes infrastructure. 


Self-healing capability is undoubtedly one of the best Kubernetes features. It restarts containers that fail, replaces containers, kills containersthat don't respond to your user-defined health check, and doesn't advertise them to clients until they are ready to serve. 

Eco System

An advantage of this popular open source solution is it´s large Ecosystem (monitoring-, reporting-, and visualization-tools like ElasticSearch+Kibana e.g.). That improves the usability of the product. 

This consulting service is aimed at CEOs, board members, managing directors and CTO/CIO.

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